Motus GI – Corporate HQ Relocation

HQ Relocation Services

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Strategic Relocation Planning (SRP) is a system designed by The JC Commercial Realty Team (JCCRC) which was used to benefit Motus GI in their Corporate Office Headquarter and R&D Expansion..


  • Motus GI is an Israeli based company that is the leading provider of proprietary Gastrointestinal Track visual aid equipment to Physicians throughout the world..
  • Motus GI was operating out of multiple functionally obsolete locations throughout Southeast Florida. They needed a space which the principals and their engineers to could collaborate, design, analyze and test existing and new upgrades to their product. Motus also had an aggressive growth schedule which required a landlord who was willing to accommodate rapid growth.
  • The JC Commercial Realty Team came into help after other service providers had come up short. A full Broward County search was conducted for existing office space and industrial flex locations.
  • A full-county property tour was conducted which helped educate the client on the overall condition of the market. From that tour, a Short-List of properties was established based on efficiency, pricing, work force and logistics.
  • A detailed Request for Proposal outlining the Client specs and requirements was drafted and delivered to all Short-Listed Landlords and Developers. All responses were aggressively negotiated over the ensuing months.
  • We kept both private and institutional owners engaged in the process until the very end and as such Motus GI was insured the best value on items like building quality, building efficiency, rental rate, construction allowance, staged rent, free rent, parking, amenities, lease term, design and deposits.


A long-term lease for 6,390 square feet was secured at the Victorian Building located at 1301 East Broward Boulevard with a private landlord named Seann Pavlick. The relocation provided the proper square footage, beautiful Class A modern office finishes, efficient departmental layout, staged premises take-down, enhanced materials handling, turn-key layout, exceptional local work force and all amenities within walking distance.

Work performed in this case study was completed by JC Conte of the JC Commercial Realty Team.

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